Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My experience with Epilators

Okay, so here's my experience with the epilator i bought previously.
(no pictures, sorry :P)

I tried around 2 or 3 times already,
I've to say that the first time you epilate, it's scary & a lil painful.
scary because when turn on the switch, the sound is scary.
it's a little painful but bearable & i noticed that when i epilate finer hairs,
it hurts abit more.

If i have to describe the pain,
I would say it's feels like "tiny electric shock" HAHAHA!
But by the time you epilate 2nd or 3rd time,
you will get used to the pain (:
so i'll list the pros & cons of the product.

  • Hair grows back much slower
  • Finer hair after epilating
  • Previously i noticed i have big pores on my leg, after epilating it shrink!!
  • The epilator i bought has massager, so it kind of "distract" u from the pain xD

  • not much to complain about, but i noticed that i've ingrown hairs! but i experience it when i shave too. -__-''
  • hard to epilate at the 'curves' of ur leg
  • It's expensive, but good investment!
Some tips when epilating:
  • Exfoliate ur skin before epilating (i read that this can reduce ingrown hair)
  • Place epilator 90 degree to your skin
  • MUST must moisturise after you epilate! :D
Oh oh oh! to add on, you will feel REALLLLY satisfied when you see all the hair that drops off! :P

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  1. the thought of an epilator still scares me..
    although i heard its like the pain of plucking your brows lol you get used to the pain.. xD