Friday, March 9, 2012

Etude House Peach Water Gloss #3 Plum Water Review

A yummy peach lipgloss from Etude House! (:
I was amazed by the peachy scent & cute packaging!

Available in 5 shades, i'm using #3 Plum Water

" -Moisturizing gloss that supplies color and volume to lips with a moist, smooth sensation.
-Jelly Polymer's smooth texture supplies moisture and color coating to lips without hassle.
-Supplies glossy, wet look to lips with specially formulated hydro coating.
-Heart-shaped applicator adds glossy volume to lips. "

Closeup on heart-shaped applicator

Though it looks similar to hotpink, but it's sheer when applied.

Pic 1: Bare Lips
Pic 2: 1 coat of gloss
Pic 3: 2 coats of gloss

As you can see, the gloss is really sheer. It's more towards nude/babypink when applied.
What i like about this gloss is that it's non-sticky & the yummy peachy scent just travel to your mouth.

- Yummy Peachy Scent
- Cute Packaging
- Easy to apply with the heart- shaped applicator
- Pretty Color
- Non-sticky & Moisturizing

- Not very long-lasting & color disappears after eating.
- Sheer, need 2 coats or more.

Overall Rating:I would rate this a 4/5. Though it's not very long-lasting, but i think the scent & color make up for it. It's good for girls who likes their lip colors to be nude/soft pink.


  1. It has such a cute package! :o

    How much did you get it for?

    1. I get it for around 15SGD from an online store (:

  2. Aww.. I have a thing for heart shaped applicators. So adorable

    1. yea, i guess that's the unique thing about etude house :P

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  4. Oh this looks lovely, I love light pinks & peach! Looks like a great product!