Friday, January 27, 2012

Braun Silk-epil Eversoft

I bought a new toy!
Not exactly a new toy, but a new beauty tool.
Have been wanting to get this for quite sometime.
Cause i'm sick of shaving & the hair just gets thicker!
Waxing is a waste of money, so i might as well invest on something.

I was "researching" on the net,
& i've read comments saying that Braun is a better brand.
So i chose the one in the middle price range.
I got this for $69 at Best Denki.
Original price was $79.
Other comments also mention that it's going to hurt for first timer!
I have yet to try, i'm waiting for my hair to grow :P
So yea, will write my first experience soon!
Hopefully it doesn't disappoint me.


  1. oh haiiii :)
    i found your blog via blogwalking on other blogs lol, lovely blog youve got going :)
    ive only just started my own blog this yr too, may we succeed in blogging hehe
    <3, another inspirit :P

    1. Fellow inspirit!! I followed you back too, thanks for commenting! ^^ Yep, may we suceed hahaha! :P