Tuesday, February 28, 2012

MCC Glam Queen Eyes & Ludifull Flower Shiny Eye swatches

Remember my post on Gmarket hauls?
Here are the swatches for the eyeshadows! (:
The eyeshadows are called MCC in VOV Glam Queen Eyes.

904 sweet beige (left)
203 satin beige (right)

closeup! now 203 is on the left, 904 is on the right :P
Here are the swatches! 203 is more of a champagne colour & 904 is more of shimmery white colour. I used both of these to reduce the darkness around my dark circle!
The pigmentation was okay, but since they are beige colours.. i guess it's supposed to be like this.
Both are very shimmery & the eyeshadows are soft.

So since i'm doing swatches on eyeshadows from Korea.
I might as well dig out my other single shadows from Korea.
They are Ludifull Flower Shiny Eyes! I got these from Sasa.

05 Floral Pink (left)
08 Sunshine Orange (right)

Closeup, very shimmery! I used this for a few times, but they still look new. haha!

swatches! both of them are really shimmery & pigmented!
Eyeshadow are soft as well & they last long!
I wore Sunshine orange out & when i came home, my eyelids are still so shimmery! (:


  1. hi^^
    Im interested to try mcc from vov..but dunno abt the their quality..
    may i know the quality of MCC Glam Queen Eyes eyeshadow? does it too powdery and the shimmer go over the face after apply into eyes?

    thanks for info :0)

    1. It is in powder form, but it's not too powdery to the extend where it falls all over the face. I would say it's rather long lasting, if you don't rub your eye or so.. (: