Sunday, March 4, 2012

My current skincare routine, Hada Labo! (:

My current skincare routine! Hada Labo SHA range! (:
I prefer my skincare to be more hydrating & moisturizing rather than having whitening effect.
Due to my oily/combination skin, it's hard for me to find a perfect range.

Then, i heard everyone raving about Hada Labo's hydrating lotion.
I tried it & i'm in love with it.
Thus, i bought their essence & moisturizer too!

This photo was taken 6 months ago where i bought their essence, moisturizer & refill for the hydrating lotion.

Hada Labo lotion is a Japanese skin care product that's insanely popular due to its amazing hydrating and anti-aging properties. It's said that one bottle of Hada Labo lotion sells every 4 seconds in Japan!

Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid range contains SHA which promises that "one drop locks up an ocean". SHA helps to replenish and lock in moisture to visibly improve skin texture and prevent dryness so skin stays soft, hydrated and elastic. It's free of fragrances, mineral oil, alcohol and colorants. It is also skin pH balanced and causes low skin irritation.

Tadah! My 3 steps routine~
Left: Hada Labo SHA Hydrating Lotion
Middle: Hada Labo SHA Moist Essence EX
Right: Hada Labo SHA Cream

Step 1: Hada Labo SHA lotion (acts as toner)

" This toner contains SHA and HA for re-hydrating softening and refreshing results. With advanced Nano technology the intensive hydrating ingredients contained in this toner is able to penetrate into the skin for non-greasy yet effective moisturizing result. It can also prevent the evaporation of skin's natural moisture so that your skin can be well hydrated. "

The lotion is runny, almost like water. It's very spreadable so u don't have to use much on your face & it's very easily absorbed by the skin. I would rate it a 5/5, it's so hydrating that you can just feel it!

Step 2: Hada Labo SHA Moist Essence EX

" This intensive hydrating essence is designed for all skin types. It is able to tighten and refine large pores caused by aging and a change of environment. Your skin will look firmer, younger and well hydrated. Blends with intensive SHA and HA for re-hydrating and softening results. With advanced nano technology, the intensive hydrating ingredients contained in this product is able to penetrate into the skin for a non-greasy result. "

Basically, the essence is much more thicker than the lotion. So you have to spend more effort in patting your skin to let it fully absorbed before carrying on to the next step. Once absorbed, it's not sticky or greasy! I will rate this a 4/5, as it is not so easy to be absorbed by the skin.

Step 3: Hada Labo SHA Cream

" Highly moisturizing facial cream with super Hyaluronic Acid. Moisturized skin for a long time. Non-greasy formula. Weak acidic. For sensitive skin. Fragrance free, Colorant free, mineral oil free, and Alcohol (ethanol) free. "

To be honest, I don't like their cream. From the photos, you may feel that the cream is gel-like but actually it's cream-like. So it's not suitable for oily skin. Specially after all the layering, this cream left me with a greasy & sticky skin. It's hard to be absorbed too. So, it doesn't do what it claims. I would rate this a 2.5/5, this product would be good for people with dry skin.

A random picture "Runaway Rilakkumma" and me after my 3 steps routine :P
Boing~ Boing~!

To prove that i'm a fan of Hada Labo, my second bottle of hydrating lotion! :DD
I've just finished my essence, i'm currently looking for new range to try out! Any recommendations? (:


  1. i love hada labo too! :D
    maybe try the moisturizing cream during winter months? i love your new banner :D

    1. There's no winter season here though.. :( but i'll finish that tub of moisturizer :D

    2. oh boo lol
      you can always use it on your neck :D i always neglect my neck lol *shame face*

      i nominated you for an award <3

  2. When my skin was very dehydrated & oily I started using Hada Labo and it really changed my skin! However, after a while, it wasn't moisturizing enough anymore. It kinda just sat on the surface instead of going in and fixing the problem inside

    1. I think our skin will get used to the product. that's why some specialist says that we must change our skin care routine after finishing the previous ones.. But i love the lotion alot!! :D