Friday, January 27, 2012

Braun Silk-epil Eversoft

I bought a new toy!
Not exactly a new toy, but a new beauty tool.
Have been wanting to get this for quite sometime.
Cause i'm sick of shaving & the hair just gets thicker!
Waxing is a waste of money, so i might as well invest on something.

I was "researching" on the net,
& i've read comments saying that Braun is a better brand.
So i chose the one in the middle price range.
I got this for $69 at Best Denki.
Original price was $79.
Other comments also mention that it's going to hurt for first timer!
I have yet to try, i'm waiting for my hair to grow :P
So yea, will write my first experience soon!
Hopefully it doesn't disappoint me.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lip Ice Sheer Color Strawberry Reviews

Lip Ice Sheer Color Strawberry Lip Balm - A kind of lipbalm that changes color!
I bought this a few months back, i've been searching high & low for it.
Because my lip look so dull & pale every morning when I wake up,
I have to apply this before I go to school! :D

Comes with 3 flavours: Strawberry, Shimmer & Fragrance-Free
I got the Strawberry one (:

Natural Beeswax that nourishes and replenishes your lips
Natural Olive Oil that softens and keeps your lips moisturized
Vitamin A, C and E with deep moisture that keep the lips soft, supple and fresh
Protect lips from harmful UV rays
Fortified with Strawberry flavor

& the swatches on my lips!
BEHOLD....! I don't have beautiful lips.
So yeah.. HAHAHA! ._.

As you can see, my bare lips look abit cracked right?
But after applying, it looks so much better!

Overall rating: 4/5
Affordability: It retails at $7.50 in Watson.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Year Gifts :D

Some of the gifts i've gotten for new year.

Mask Sheets!!!

Lovemore, FaceQ and Sexylook mask sheets!
Actually it's not counted as gift lol.
My brother was spring cleaning, and he gave me all these.
I think he doesn't have time to use it.
Personally, I prefer Lovemore and FaceQ, they are so moisturising!!

These are from my cousin! (:
They're from the gift set actually, i took them out.

#THE BODY SHOP SPA WISDOM Africa Shea Butter & Sesame Oil Body Balm
#THE BODY SHOP CRANBERRY JOY Shimmer Lotion (from left to right)

I swear the Cranberry ones smells so AWESOME!
The Shea Butter smells okay, but it's a little thick.
I don't usually use body butter. Hmmm..
I'll definitely write a review when I start using it!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Simple Glittery Nails for Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year, readers!
It's gonna be my first post for my beauty blog.
Here's a tutorial on how to create glittery nails for CNY!
No manicure needed, just DIY. (:

Under the lights

Simple bling bling nails, that looks like it is done outside :D
Here are the things you'll need:

#Base (Daiso) & Top Coat from FaceShop
#Mini Colourful Pearls
#3D Ribbon Nail Art

I recommended using glitters that are finer, cause they're more bling!
I got the 3D Ribbon from Far East, if i'm not wrong it cost $2 for a pack (with 10 ribbons). I got the mini pearls from g-market ^^

1. First, paint the tip of ur nails with base coat (as an adhesion for ur glitters).
2. Then, dip ur finger into the glitter. IT'S GOING TO BE MESSY!
3. Dust of the excess glitters by tapping.
4. Seal the glitters by applying Top coat.
5. Before the Top coat dries, put on the colourful pearls on your index and pinky nail! Add a ribbon on your thumb! (:
6. Seal off everything with Top coat again and you're done!

Once again, Happy Lunar New Year. Get alot of angbao! :DDDD