Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Gmarket HAULS !!!

I went shopping..... ONLINE!
Gmarket SG ^^
So here's what i've got!
It's actually a combination of 2 carts :P
The stuff there are really cheapppp!

Dresses, Tops, Jackets.... (the kitty top is really cute! :D)

Hello Kitty Bumper & Milk Bling Bling phone cover! $6.90 each (:

MCC Eyeshadows from Korea, $2.90each!! the quality is good too.

FaceShop facial cleanser!! (the tube is really big!)
Eos Lip Balm !! (hard to find in SG)


Screen protectors, radiation stickers, home button sticker! :P

Kawaii stickers for my infinite diary, hehe!

Current mood: HAPPPPPY!! :DDDD


  1. im ordering off gmarket soonies!!
    except i have to order from gmarket kr cos i live in aus =[
    the shipping is almost close to 100$ itself *cries*
    lovely stuff though, loving the infinite diary, be sure to take pics when you start using it :D:D

    1. Gmarket Kr has more interesting things!
      how i wish i know how to order from there >O<
      Gmarket is so addictive!

  2. love all your stuff,really cute..
    -new followers-