Tuesday, February 28, 2012

MCC Glam Queen Eyes & Ludifull Flower Shiny Eye swatches

Remember my post on Gmarket hauls?
Here are the swatches for the eyeshadows! (:
The eyeshadows are called MCC in VOV Glam Queen Eyes.

904 sweet beige (left)
203 satin beige (right)

closeup! now 203 is on the left, 904 is on the right :P
Here are the swatches! 203 is more of a champagne colour & 904 is more of shimmery white colour. I used both of these to reduce the darkness around my dark circle!
The pigmentation was okay, but since they are beige colours.. i guess it's supposed to be like this.
Both are very shimmery & the eyeshadows are soft.

So since i'm doing swatches on eyeshadows from Korea.
I might as well dig out my other single shadows from Korea.
They are Ludifull Flower Shiny Eyes! I got these from Sasa.

05 Floral Pink (left)
08 Sunshine Orange (right)

Closeup, very shimmery! I used this for a few times, but they still look new. haha!

swatches! both of them are really shimmery & pigmented!
Eyeshadow are soft as well & they last long!
I wore Sunshine orange out & when i came home, my eyelids are still so shimmery! (:

Sunday, February 26, 2012

My absolute favorite sunblock!

Introducing my absolute favorite sunblock!
I will be reviewing on Biore UV Perfect Face Milk SPF 50+ PA+++,
as well as Biore Aqua Rich Watery Jelly Water Base SPF 30 PA+++.

So, why use sunblock?
Sunblock can keep us protected from many natural element that can do damage to our skin.
- It prevents sunburn
- Premature Aging
- Decrease the risk of skin cancer

editing & adding in sparkles :P

First up, Biore UV Perfect Face Milk SPF 50+
This is my favourite sunblock (the one in white), i'm currently using my 3rd bottle.
As i have oily/combination skin, my face will be oily within 2 to 3 hours without applying anything.
But after applying this sunblock, i swear my skin doesn't get oily.
It mattifies my skin & the oil control can last up to half a day!

Biore actually sells 4 different kinds of face milk,
from what i know, the pink one has shimmers in it, so it'll make ur skin glow!
& the white one has better oil control ability.

The product just fully absorbed into my skin.
what's more, it can be used as a makeup base!
Though the retail size is small (30mL) but i don't usually apply alot to my face, cause it's VERY spreadable!
I used a peanut skin amount for my whole face.
So it last me for about 6 months, i apply it every morning.

- Excellent oil control
- Can use as makeup base
- Waterproof with SPF 50+
- There's this shaker thing inside, u shake & mix the sunblock before using.
- Cheap & Affordable (retail @ watson for $15.50)
- Slightly whiten your skin :D

I'm not trying to exaggerate, but i can't find a problem with this product!!

Overall Rating: 5/5!!

Next up, Biore Aqua Rich Watery Jelly water base SPF 30.
I bought this for $18+ at watson, i was attracted by it because of it hydrating power!
Yesyes, i love anything that hydrates my skin! :P

See how hydrating it is?!
It just turns into water when u blend into ur skin.
My skin did glow after applying.
However, I don't think this product is suitable for me.
It gets oily 2 to 3 hours later & it is not waterproof i believe :(
So this product is more suitable for girls with dry skin,
but i won't waste this product! I will apply it on my body hehe~

- Very hydrating
- Big tube, can use for a period of time
- SPF 30, which i think it's not bad.

- No oil control at all
- Not waterproof
- Gets sticky if u overapply

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Gmarket HAULS !!!

I went shopping..... ONLINE!
Gmarket SG ^^
So here's what i've got!
It's actually a combination of 2 carts :P
The stuff there are really cheapppp!

Dresses, Tops, Jackets.... (the kitty top is really cute! :D)

Hello Kitty Bumper & Milk Bling Bling phone cover! $6.90 each (:

MCC Eyeshadows from Korea, $2.90each!! the quality is good too.

FaceShop facial cleanser!! (the tube is really big!)
Eos Lip Balm !! (hard to find in SG)


Screen protectors, radiation stickers, home button sticker! :P

Kawaii stickers for my infinite diary, hehe!

Current mood: HAPPPPPY!! :DDDD

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My experience with Epilators

Okay, so here's my experience with the epilator i bought previously.
(no pictures, sorry :P)

I tried around 2 or 3 times already,
I've to say that the first time you epilate, it's scary & a lil painful.
scary because when turn on the switch, the sound is scary.
it's a little painful but bearable & i noticed that when i epilate finer hairs,
it hurts abit more.

If i have to describe the pain,
I would say it's feels like "tiny electric shock" HAHAHA!
But by the time you epilate 2nd or 3rd time,
you will get used to the pain (:
so i'll list the pros & cons of the product.

  • Hair grows back much slower
  • Finer hair after epilating
  • Previously i noticed i have big pores on my leg, after epilating it shrink!!
  • The epilator i bought has massager, so it kind of "distract" u from the pain xD

  • not much to complain about, but i noticed that i've ingrown hairs! but i experience it when i shave too. -__-''
  • hard to epilate at the 'curves' of ur leg
  • It's expensive, but good investment!
Some tips when epilating:
  • Exfoliate ur skin before epilating (i read that this can reduce ingrown hair)
  • Place epilator 90 degree to your skin
  • MUST must moisturise after you epilate! :D
Oh oh oh! to add on, you will feel REALLLLY satisfied when you see all the hair that drops off! :P