Friday, March 16, 2012

ZA Total Hydration Pore Care Essence Review

Hello sweeties!!
Here's another review post,
which is on ZA Total Hydration Range!
I said i loveeeee hydrating right? :P

The packaging is PINK!!

" Resolves dryness and stickiness. For resilient skin with less visible pores. Full of the moisture and ingredients that skin needs. Results in smooth skin that glows from within "

- Foggy Powder: keeps skin feeling silky-light and minimize appearance of conspicuous pores.
- Glyclglycine: normalizes paraketatosis and plumps the skin around each pore to minimize appearance of dilated pores.
- Prism Enhancer: exfoliate excess dead skin cells and moisturizes skin
- Vitamin B Derivatives: revitalizes skin
- Amino Mineral Complex: strengthen skin

Refreshing gel for intensive pore care.
Directions: After toner or lotion, use fingertips to gently smooth an appropriate amount over areas where the pores are of concern.

Pea-sized amount is actually enough, this tube of essence can last quite long.

Very spreadable and the essence is rather watery.

It absorbs relatively well too & it's refreshing.

I bought this on impulse as it was only retailing for $9.90 at Watson.
Since it states pore care + essence, so i thought why not? It's CHEAP & CUTE!
I've been diligently using it for a month, but i didn't observe any shrinkage in my pores,
so i kind of gave up using it. But in my opinion, it's okay to use it as essence.

- Moisturizing & Hydrating
- Not Oily
- Cute packaging
- I like the fragrance, it's refreshing!
- Cheap & Easily available

- Did not shrink pores

Overall Rating: I would rate this a 3/5, i'm quite disappointed that my pores did not shrink :( But it's good to use it as an essence, but i don't think I will repurchase.

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