Monday, January 23, 2012

Simple Glittery Nails for Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year, readers!
It's gonna be my first post for my beauty blog.
Here's a tutorial on how to create glittery nails for CNY!
No manicure needed, just DIY. (:

Under the lights

Simple bling bling nails, that looks like it is done outside :D
Here are the things you'll need:

#Base (Daiso) & Top Coat from FaceShop
#Mini Colourful Pearls
#3D Ribbon Nail Art

I recommended using glitters that are finer, cause they're more bling!
I got the 3D Ribbon from Far East, if i'm not wrong it cost $2 for a pack (with 10 ribbons). I got the mini pearls from g-market ^^

1. First, paint the tip of ur nails with base coat (as an adhesion for ur glitters).
2. Then, dip ur finger into the glitter. IT'S GOING TO BE MESSY!
3. Dust of the excess glitters by tapping.
4. Seal the glitters by applying Top coat.
5. Before the Top coat dries, put on the colourful pearls on your index and pinky nail! Add a ribbon on your thumb! (:
6. Seal off everything with Top coat again and you're done!

Once again, Happy Lunar New Year. Get alot of angbao! :DDDD

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