Monday, March 19, 2012

HK Kim Gary Restaurant (香港金加利茶餐) @ Vivocity

Annyeong everybody! xD
Not a beauty related post, it's FOOD ♥ related & more personal post.
I had lunch today with my friend at HK Kim Gary restaurant in Vivocity.
They have set lunch that ranges from $6.90 onwards, it's quite a deal!

Thick & yummy ice milk tea!

Borsch soup served in a mug!

Mine! Hokkaido Fish Fillet Curry Rice, the egg has shredded crab stick wrapped inside! The fish was tasty! But i think the sauce is too little.

My friend ordered ramen with lots of side dishes in it! Egg, corn, beansprout, sausages, chicken wing & fried wanton!

Current mood: Happy!


  1. D: The food looks so good. I'm hungry!

  2. Wah~ The food looks delish! >u< I'm getting hungry just looking at it~