Friday, March 23, 2012

Timbre @ Old School

Me & my primary school friends finally met up!
We have known each other for about 9 years,
been so busy that we rarely met up.
We went Timbre @ Old School,
my friend's sister recommended us to go there haha! :P

the place really have this 'old school' look, probably used to be an old school here.
(pic credit to owner)

Before reaching there, we have to climb LONG flights of stairs! I almost died climbing up! LOL i was google-ing the stairs from timbreoldschool, someone actually snap a pic of it. (pic credit to owner)

We went there early, the place was empty! Initially thought there will be alot of people. Ordered 2 cocktails to share! I forgot their names :P Mine is on the right called apple martini.

Roasted Duck Pizza (one of their popular pizza) Thin crust, very crunchy & they sprinkle alot of crackers on top. the sauce is really good, but the pizza is not filling at all :(

Pizza & drinks~

Ordered some finger food and pasta, forgot to take picture of the pasta :P

Overall the food is pretty decent but slightly overpriced. Not filling at all LOL! and they don't have air-cons, so it's pretty warm there. My friend was bitten by mosquitoes xD I don't recommend to have dinner there but it's a good place to chill if you love band performance!

Ending this post with a photo of us! hahaha! my big face :(

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