Sunday, August 18, 2013

Grand Copthrone Waterfront Hotel Dinner Buffet~

Just this thursday, me and the girls went Grand Copthrone Waterfront hotel for buffet dinner!
Bought the coupon from at $48 which is for Mon to Thurs (6.30pm to 10.30pm).
It's my treat to them for getting my 1st year bonus!! :)
We made a reservation at 7pm and cabbed down afterwork, the place is v atas indeed! hahaha!
So the place where we eat is actually called Brio's.
The service is really good as the waiter even told us that there's more food just outside, and he continuously replenish our soft drinks!

They placed some of their food outdoor, the atmosphere is really romantic at night. Great place for lovers to come but there's no aircon outdoor though.. :/

Fountain in the middle~

Our foooood!! Their laksa is not bad and their tiger prawn & seafood are very fresh!
We made our own salad which taste not bad at all! hehe ^^
I like their chocolate fondue too, dripped in marshmallow! *yumyums*
They had ice cream as well but only 4 flavours, but there's no chocolate flavour so i skipped eating ice cream. Other than that there's actually not a lot of choices of food even though it's an international buffet. The $48 spent wasn't quite worth it :< but for the experience and ambience, it's quite alright. worth to try! :)

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