Saturday, August 10, 2013

Crystal Jade Korean BBQ Buffet - R.I.P.D - Tiny haul

Happy weekend everyone! Met up with my girls today for Crystal Jade Korean BBQ Buffet @ Nex today! Read from some reviews that they were quite good, so we went & give it a try! :)

Their selections of cooked food. The kimchi fried rice & dubbokki was kinda bland, but i really like their fried mushroom :)

 Marinated meat, chicken wings, prawn and they have crab too!

 Ice cream section, not alot of choices though :/

 Puddings! Kinda normal in my opinion..

 Tadah! Our table full of food!!! NOMNOM TIME :D

 Let the BBQ start!!

 Each guest gets a complimentary bowl of chicken ginseng soup! I quite like the soup, it's thick and flavourful.

 Chrysanthemum jelly, red bean (w/ coconut milk) jelly & Chestnut jelly (?).

The fried mushroom i'm talking about earlier, on our second serving!!! ^^

The pudding that looked like traffic lights! haha!

Snapshots of us!! After feeling soooo full!! I would give it a 3/5 for overall, not alot of food selections and the BBQ was kinda normal. I will still prefer to go Seoul garden for BBQ session!

Thereafter, we went to watch R.I.P.D. Nice show, definitely better than Wolverine! Rating this a 4/5! Really like the part where they have to use IDs disguise as humans! xD We went Farrer park after that since I wanted to get something from Daiso & we had Dairyqueen there :) First time trying it in SG, their Blizzard is quite nice, they don't scrimp on the Kit-Kat/Oreos/Chocolates (that's what we ordered). Hehehe~

Hahaha! Camwhoring since I was bored :P

OOTD for today: floral dress that I got from Phuket ^^

I bought this fluffy cases for my netbook and camera. Super SUPER love the texture, so i've decided to get in in all sizes! hahaha! I'm sure these cases will be totally wiped out from Daiso soon. I got a Promegranate & Raspberry spray from Bodyshop too, I really like the sweet smell! (Can spray around office :P) Got this on 20% discount hehe! Those who like sweet/fruity scent can try this out! :D

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