Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Sleek Makeup Brow Kit and Face Form Review

Recently I have made a purchase from Luxola since they were having 40% off for a limited time. As I wanted to get a brow kit for myself, i said why not try SleekMakeup's Brow Kit since they were on a more affordable side. Beside the Brow Kit, I was attracted to another of their product which is Face Form in Light, the palette is really awesome since they give you a contour powder, highlighter and a blusher!

The packaging of these palettes is just like their name, really sleek and slim. Easy for travel usage! :)

The Face Form palette came in 3 different shades, Medium, Light and Fair. I chose the Light palette as I was really attracted to the blusher. It seems like a dupe for Nar's Orgasm since it has gold shimmers with a Rosy shade.

The contour powder is good and perfect shade for my skin tone. It is pigmented and can be easily blended out in your skin, which makes it looks natural! The powder is really smooth and easy to pick up by brush too. 

The highlighter is in a champagne white tone, not the usual white glittery colour. It is also very pigmented and easy to blend which gives you a radiant look.

Lastly will be my most anticipated blush colour in Rose Gold! I have to say that it wasn't really up to my expectation as it is not as pigmented as the contour powder and highlighter. The blusher is harder to pick up the colours with a brush and you have to apply for few times to get the shade that you want. But overall, it is still a really nice radiant blush for me! :)

Overall, this palette did not disappoint me at all. With the price of $22 (in Luxola), it is really a decent palette that is worth a try, especially for beginners. I would rate this a 4/5! <3

I have always wanted to get a brow kit since I wanted to give them some attention now. The Brow Kit comes with a tweezer, and 2 brushes. (an angled brush and the norma brush) I'm a really lazy person when it comes to plucking my eyebrows. I'm glad that all brow kits comes with tweezer so that I wouldn't get lazy to pluck them since I can see the tweezer there once I open the brow kit.

The Brow Kit comes in 2 colours, Extra Dark and Dark. Since I have lighter hair shade, I picked up the colour in Dark. The tweezer was not as flexible as I taught it would be as it is a little hard to pinch down and pluck my brows. The 2 brushes in it is great, they are just of the correct size and picks up the product really easily as well.

The Brow Wax (on the left) is easy to be picked up by the angled brush. The angled brush allows you to spread the product and draw your brow line perfectly. A little brow wax goes a long way. After applying the Brow Wax, we have to blend and 'fixed' the brow wax in place using the Brow powder (on the right).

The shade of the Brow Powder is lighter than the Brow Wax which lightens the overall shade of your brow. The powder is smooth and easy to blend and it gives you a really natural brow look. The price is $22 for this Brow Kit in Luxola and it is also a decent product to try (and can probably last you for a long long time). Overall, I would also rate it a 4/5.

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